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Getting a Pro License

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You can support development by purchasing a BetterDisplay Pro license at

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You can also purchase Pro directly in the app - just navigate to Settings (gear icon) > Pro and click on Buy BetterDisplay Pro and follow the checkout instructions:

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Price and payment options

The price of a Pro license is $15 / €15 (Sales Tax and VAT may apply).

You can use the following payment options with in-app purchase:

  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal

The following additional options are available at

  • Apple Pay (requires Safari, not available in-app)
  • Google Pay (requires Google Chrome, not available in-app)
  • Alipay (requires browser based checkout, country set to China)

Specifying currency, tax amount, VAT number and business details

Currency and tax level vary by location. You can customize your location during the checkout process and the displayed price will update accordingly.

Purchasing multiple licenses

If you want to purchase multiple licenses, you can do so by specifying the number of licenses using the web based checkout process at

After successfully completing the checkout process, Paddle will send you an email with the license codes specified during checkout.

Entering Business details and VAT number

If you are a business user, you should enter your VAT ID (EU businesses) and business details during the checkout to get a proper invoice and for tax reclamation purposes (price may update to a VAT-deduced amount depending on location). This is possible both during the in-app purchase or the web based checkout process.

You can enter your VAT ID once you provided your email address and country of origin during the checkout process:


Entering a coupon code

If you received a coupon code from the developer (for example as an early backer of the project), you can enter it during checkout. On the web based checkout you can do so by clicking the Add discount or via the in-app purchase by clicking on the Add Coupon link before selecting the payment method.

How to activate BetterDisplay Pro?

Thank you for purchasing BetterDisplay Pro! After the purchase, Paddle (the payment and license provider) sends you an email to the address provided during checkout with the license number(s) which you can use to activate the app under Settings > Pro.

Upon successful activation the app gives a clear feedback and unlocks all Pro functionality:

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 13 28 16

Please note that even if you don't buy the app, you can still use many of the features for free (if you are a non-business user). Note: a web-based checkout option will be available soon.

License Terms, Refunds

Please make an informed purchase decision! The app comes with a generous 14 day unlimited trial (starts when the app is first opened) and several truly useful free features (for personal use only - business users are required to purchase a license) even after the trial is over - this gives ample time and opportunity before a purchase to evaluate the app. Because of this, as a general rule, purchases are final, refund is not available.

For more information on licensing, trial, prices and refund, please read the License Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy!

Transferring a license to a new computer

When you transfer to a computer, it is best to deactivate the license on the old computer before transfer (especially if Migration Assistant is used) and then activate the license on the new computer after the transfer. You can deactivate the license by clicking on the Deactivate License button under Settings/Pro:

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