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This repository

These extensions have been developed by various people who have made them available to the public. The Python-Markdown team offers no official support of these extensions. Please see the individual developer of each extension for support.

If you write an extension, please add it to this list.

Math / LaTeX

  • mdx_math Creates, saves and embeds images from LaTeX code in <math></math> tags.
  • Markdown-LaTeX Adds inline LaTeX support without the need for external images.
  • markdown2latex (PyPI) Selects LaTeX instead of HTML as output format.
  • asciimathml Converts AsciiMathML in markdown to presentational MathML in the HTML output.
  • python-markdown-mathjax Saves LaTeX code between $ symbols from being escaped so that MathJax can handle it.

Additional Tags

URL conversion

Generic / Structure

  • sections Embeds document in a hierarchy of div tags derived from the levels of headings. (Superseeded by outline)
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