Third Party Extensions

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These extensions have been developed by various people who have made them available to the public. The Python-Markdown team does not endorse or offer any support for these extensions. Please see the individual developer of each extension for support.

If you write an extension, please add it to this list.

Math / LaTeX

  • mdx_math Creates, saves and embeds images from LaTeX code in <math></math> tags.
  • Markdown-LaTeX Adds inline LaTeX support without the need for external images.
  • markdown2latex (PyPI) Selects LaTeX instead of HTML as output format.
  • asciimathml Converts AsciiMathML in markdown to presentational MathML in the HTML output.
  • python-markdown-math (PyPI) The standalone math extension from PyMarkups library, using MathJax.
  • markdown-simplechem Smart formatter for chemical equations, eliminating need for special markup in most cases. Automatically detects when number is subscript or not.

Additional Tags

URL conversion

Generic / Structure


  • PyMdown Extensions (PyPI): A collection of Python Markdown extensions. Mix and match what you like.

    Extension Description
    arithmatex Formats inline and block Tex for use with MathJax.
    b64 Embed local images by encoding them with base64.
    betterem A slightly different approach to emphasis.
    caret Add support for insert and superscript tags. Syntax is built around ^.
    critic Accept, reject, or view (very limited) CriticMarkup syntax.
    extra Alternative extra module that replaces fenced_code with superfences and smart_strong with betterem.
    extrarawhtml A wrapper that splits out raw HTML parser from Python Markdown's extra module. Great if you don't want to enable all of extra.
    github A convenience extension that loads up a specific set of extensions to give a GFM feel.
    githubemoji Insert Github emojis using GFM style syntax.
    headeranchor Github style header anchors.
    magiclink Auto-link email and http addresses.
    mark Insert mark tags. Syntax uses =.
    pathconverter Provides absolute or relative path conversions for links.
    plainhtml Strip out id, style, class attributes and/or comments to get a stripped down HTML output.
    progressbar Adds syntax for adding progress bars.
    pymdown A convenience extension that loads up most of the PyMdown extensions.
    smartsymbols Adds a number of shorthand notation for selected symbols.
    superfences Nested fences and flow charts and sequence diagrams (additional JS libraries required for charts and diagrams).
    tasklist Github style tasklists.
    tilde Insert del and subscript tags. Syntax is built around ~.
    inlinehilite Like CodeHilite, but for inline code blocks.