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BricktronicsLight v1.2 - A software library for LEGO NXT light sensors.

More details at

To Download

  • Click the "Clone or download" button on the upper-right side of this page below the pink bar, then select "Download ZIP". Rename the uncompressed folder BricktronicsLight. Check that the BricktronicsLight folder contains BricktronicsLight.cpp and BricktronicsLight.h
  • Place the BricktronicsLight library folder into your <arduinosketchfolder>/libraries/ folder. You may need to create the libraries subfolder if this is your first installed library. Restart the Arduino IDE.

API Highlights

  • BricktronicsLight(uint8_t inputPin, uint8_t lightPin) - Constructor
  • void begin(void) - Call the begin function in your setup() function
  • uint16_t value(void) - Basic light sensor read function, scale is 0 (very dark) to 1023 (very bright)
  • uint8_t scaledValue(void) - Scales the raw value into an int between 0 and 100 (uses calibration values).
  • void setFloodlight(bool enable) - If enabled the light will turn on just before the sensor is sampled.
  • void setFloodlightAlways(bool enable) - Set the light to be always-on if enable = true.
  • More API details in

If you want to use light sensors with your Bricktronics Shield or Megashield, you may also be interested in these libraries:

Many thanks to Filipe Janela and Francisco Janela for writing the intial version of this code. Those guys rock.

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