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This is a script to configure the USU vpn for a linux machine.

This is tested and works on Ubuntu 10.10 with openswan 2.6.32.  It
will probably work as long as version 2.6.27 is installed (which

Update: it works on 11.04 with the openswan that ships in the default
repositories (2.6.28).

You can get an updated version for Ubuntu 10.10 from:

Regarding the debconf questions: you don't need a client certificate
and using netkey works just fine.

*NOTE* This script totally blows away the configuration for ppp,
xl2tpd, and ipsec, and replaces them with the necessary USU settings.  It
also stores your USU credentials on the disk.

It may work on other distros, I'm not sure.

It's based on the setup that an ex USU sysadmin had posted (which may work
with an updated openswan as stated above, but I haven't tried that)

as well as on the info posted at:

You can set the variable VPN_DEFAULT_ROUTE at the top of the script to
0 if you only want the USU subnet to be routed.  Otherwise, it
defaults to routing all traffic through the vpn.

This script doesn't use specific dns entries, since it appears that
USU's public dns records worked fine.

 -- Wade Berrier <>



#One time setup:

sudo ./usu_vpn install_config

# This will ask for your ANumber and password

# To start the connection:

sudo ./usu_vpn start

# And to stop:

sudo ./usu_vpn stop