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Python bindings for WtPyWt consists of:

  • an introspection tool based on clang to extract API information from Wt header files. This introspection tool generates the API description files.
  • a set of python scripts that use the API description files to generate C++ code, being the core implementation of the python bindings
  • a set of C++ support files which are not generated, but are also required to complete the binding

Since a few functions are missing from clang, PyWt uses a modified version of clang to generate the introspection tool.

Steps to build:

  1. build llvm and a patched clang
  2. build and run the python-dump tool on (add -I for Wt and boost)
  3. run
  4. run
  5. mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..; make

Running the examples:

  • put the .so files in the extensions directory searched by python
  • cd examples/hello
  • python --docroot . --http-address --http-port 8080
  • don't forget to create a link to the resources directory of Wt when your example requires files from the resources folder (most examples do).

State of the PyWt bindings: The state of the current project is alpha. It is work-in-progress, and is released in order to obtain feedback on the API, architecture, and performance. Any comments or patches are welcomed and appreciated. The Wt fora are the appropriate place to discuss PyWt.

See LICENSE file for license information.