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Experimenting with git and monorepo for JavaScript Projects.
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My Monorepo Experiment with Git and JavaScript

Just my personal choices:



  • git
  • Node.js (tested on 12)
  • ncc
  • GNU make or BSD make
  • TypeScript (tested on 3.7) and ESLint
  • Prettier and lefthook
  • vscode or any other IDEs/editors supporting ESLint and TypeScript with JSDoc commented types


git clone
cd js
make install-deps # install dependencies
make # packaging with ncc


Serve your documentation with zero-configuration and without client side JavaScript. Inspired by GitHub Pages and docsify.


Inspired by GitHub Pages and docsify.

  • Simple (97 CLOC) and lightweight (1380kB compiled as a single file).
  • No statically built html files.
  • No JavaScript at client side.
  • Zero configuration.


Download the index.js file at GitHub releases page, and put it under your documentation directory with markdown files. Now just run node index.js and you can access your documentation site at

Matching Routes

Suppose you run node index.js under docs directory, then:

docs/        =>
docs/         =>
docs/zh-cn/  =>
docs/zh-cn/   =>
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