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Danny Purcell edited this page Jan 2, 2014 · 4 revisions

This page lists some pitfalls that may not be obvious to users. Feel free to add your own!

A middleware tries to read the :body of a request, but finds it empty
  • In a request, the value for :body is an InputStream. InputStream is mutable and can only ever be read once. Anything that tries to read the InputStream after it has already been read will fail to do so. If you find the value for :body empty when it shouldn't be, the most likely cause is some other middleware higher in the stack reading the InputStream before it gets to you.
    • Ex: If you have two sets of routes in the same stack each using the wrap-params middleware. Only the first routes would have the params.
How do I make trailing slashes optional for a route?
  • Compojure does not yet automatically redirect requests for URIs with trailing slashes to handlers matching non-trailing-slash routes. For now, consider using a middleware function to chomp the slash from the end of the URI or to call a handler which redirects to the proper route.