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In addition to running Compojure on standalone servers, you can run them on Java PaaS'. This page lists Java PaaS' that support Compojure.


CloudBees is a Java-based PaaS. Developers can run a full develop-to-deploy cycle on CloudBees using CloudBees DEV@cloud (which is Jenkins/CI-as-a-Service + forge) and/or CloudBees RUN@cloud which is a deployment PaaS.

Getting Started with Compojure on CloudBees

The easiest way to get started is to use the CloudBees Clojure ClickStart which sets up source, Jenkins build and continuous deployment to the the PaaS (shown in the Example Project on CloudBees section on the wiki).

Deploying manually to CloudBees

Use the lein-cloudbees plugin as per

lein cloudbees deploy

More info here.


You will need Leiningen 2 or above installed.


This currently runs as a war in a container - of course CloudBees can run plain JVM apps so that is possible if desired.