Ring middleware to serve assets from WebJars
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Ring middleware to serve static assets from WebJars.


Include the following dependency in your project.clj file:

[ring-webjars "0.1.1"]


Require the middleware and add it to your handler.

(require '[ring.middleware.webjars :refer [wrap-webjars]])

(def app (wrap-webjars handler)

WebJar assets will then be served from the following path:

/assets/<webjar>/<asset path>

For example, if you include the [org.webjars/bootstrap "3.3.5"] dependency, then the minified bootstrap CSS will be available at:


By default assets are placed on the /assets path. You can change the path by specifying a second argument.

(def app (web-webjars handler "/webjars"))


Copyright © 2015 James Reeves

Released under the MIT license.