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An aggregating push gateway for Prometheus
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Prometheus Aggregation Gateway

Prometheus Aggregation Gateway is a aggregating push gateway for Prometheus. As opposed to the official Prometheus Pushgateway, this service aggregates the sample values it receives.

  • Counters where all labels match are added up.
  • Histograms are added up; if bucket boundaries are mismatched then the result has the union of all buckets and counts are given to the lowest bucket that fits.
  • Gauges are also added up (but this may not make any sense)
  • Summaries are discarded.

Ready-built images

Available on DockerHub weaveworks/prom-aggregation-gateway


According to

The Pushgateway never forgets series pushed to it and will expose them to Prometheus forever...

The latter point is especially relevant when multiple instances of a job differentiate their metrics in the Pushgateway via an instance label or similar.

This restriction makes the Prometheus pushgateway inappropriate for the usecase of accepting metrics from a client-side web app, so we created this one to aggregate counters from multiple senders.

JS Client Library

See for a JS client library for Prometheus that can be used from within a web app.

Getting Help

If you have any questions about, feedback for or problems with prom-aggregation-gateway:

Your feedback is always welcome!

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