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[Gecko Bug 1456995] enable Service Workers' parent-intercept mode on Nightly #19521

merged 1 commit into from Oct 9, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -153,18 +153,35 @@ def env_options():

def run_info_extras(**kwargs):

def get_bool_pref(pref):
def get_bool_pref_if_exists(pref):
for key, value in kwargs.get('extra_prefs', []):
if pref == key:
return value.lower() in ('true', '1')
return False
return None

def get_bool_pref(pref):
pref_value = get_bool_pref_if_exists(pref)
return pref_value if pref_value is not None else False

rv = {"e10s": kwargs["gecko_e10s"],
"wasm": kwargs.get("wasm", True),
"verify": kwargs["verify"],
"headless": kwargs.get("headless", False) or "MOZ_HEADLESS" in os.environ,
"fission": get_bool_pref("fission.autostart"),
"sw-e10s": get_bool_pref("dom.serviceWorkers.parent_intercept")}
"fission": get_bool_pref("fission.autostart")}

# The value of `sw-e10s` defaults to whether the "parent_intercept"
# implementation is enabled for the current build. This value, however,
# can be overridden by explicitly setting the pref with the `--setpref` CLI
# flag, which is checked here. If not supplied, the default value of
# `sw-e10s` will be filled in in `RunInfo`'s constructor.
# We can't capture the default value right now because (currently), it
# defaults to the value of `nightly_build`, which isn't known until
# `RunInfo`'s constructor.
sw_e10s_override = get_bool_pref_if_exists("dom.serviceWorkers.parent_intercept")
if sw_e10s_override is not None:
rv["sw-e10s"] = sw_e10s_override

return rv

@@ -67,8 +67,7 @@ def env_extras(**kwargs):
def run_info_extras(**kwargs):
package = kwargs["package_name"]
rv = {"e10s": True if package is not None and "geckoview" in package else False,
"headless": False,
"sw-e10s": False}
"headless": False}
return rv

@@ -112,6 +112,18 @@ def __init__(self, metadata_root, product, debug,
if extras is not None:

# Until the test harness can understand default pref values,
# ( this value
# should by synchronized with the default pref value indicated in
# StaticPrefList.yaml.
# Currently for automation, the pref (and `sw-e10s`) defaults to true in
# nightly builds and false otherwise but can be overridden with
# `--setpref`. If overridden, the value would be initialized in
# `run_info_extras` and be supplied in the `extras` parameter.
if "sw-e10s" not in self:
self["sw-e10s"] = self.get("nightly_build", False)

self["headless"] = extras.get("headless", False)
self["webrender"] = enable_webrender

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