Next-gen WebDriver test automation framework for Node.js
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Next-gen WebDriver test automation framework for Node.js

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WebdriverIO is a test automation framework that allows you to run tests based on the Webdriver protocol and Appium automation technology. It provides support for your favorite BDD/TDD test framework and will run your tests locally or in the cloud using Sauce Labs, BrowserStack or TestingBot.


Check out our to get started with setting up the repo. This repository is a development repository for the new version.

We are trying to put up a proper roadmap for the beta release. Until then please reach out in our Gitter Channel if you have question on where to start contributing.



  • webdriver - A Node.js bindings implementation for the W3C WebDriver and Mobile JSONWire Protocol
  • webdriverio - A next-gen WebDriver test automation framework for Node.js
  • @wdio/cli - A WebdriverIO testrunner command line interface


  • @wdio/config - A helper utility to parse and validate WebdriverIO options
  • @wdio/interface - A WDIO helper utility to provide a cli interface for the testrunner
  • @wdio/logger - A helper utility for logging of WebdriverIO packages
  • @wdio/reporter - A WebdriverIO utility to help reporting all events
  • @wdio/runner - A WebdriverIO service that runs tests in arbitrary environments
  • @wdio/sync - A WebdriverIO plugin. Helper module to run WebdriverIO commands synchronously