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dmgroenewegen Merge branch 'inline-templates'
Main change from the branch is to allow inlining of simple templates when the template call has template elements. Previously, this would not get picked up for inlining. Since many template calls in applications are to inlineable wrappers, this provides a significant reduction in generated classes. If not inlined, for each call the elements are lifted to a top-level template definition. The added inlining reduces the amount of generated classes, and therefore compile and deploy time overhead. Also the runtime performance is improved because calling a template has overhead.

There are some unresolved corner cases with a change to an inlineable template not being applied in incremental rebuilds, however, the inlining will only happen on simple wrapper templates that are unlikely to change often.
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precompile-built-ins * Rearranged/cleaned up rules for generating hsearch annotations Apr 13, 2011
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