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Create A dynamic marker with mapbox and php mysql


After Google Changing Price List and be High expensive many developers looked up for new solutions ,free open source or cheap maps *so i thought to make a new series with the name google maps alternative this series for every google maps developer or any web developers (specially for php developers) and this is the first tutorial on this series watch our video in this tutorial you will learn how to create a mapbox map with dynamic markers and how to save it in database you can download the demo and watch the tutorial to understand line by line how it's works

Demo Link

Installation Steps

You’ll start by editing this README file to learn how to edit a file in Bitbucket.

  1. Download Source Code extract in the htdocs.
  2. Create new database with name test.
  3. Import locations.sql.
  4. Rename project folder to mapbox_markers_manager
  5. After making your change, Go to the browser and run this url http://localhost/mapbox_dynamic_marker/user-map.php
  6. Enjoy the code :) .

Now if you have more questions, don't hesitate go to my blog and you can leave a comment. You can google maps alternative,

Tutorial link