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Cisco Webex Android SDK Example

This demo employs Cisco Webex service through Webex Android SDK. This demo support Android device with Android 6.0 or later

Table of Contents


  • Install Java SE Development Kit 7u45 or later (Java 8 is OK)

  • Android Studio 2.3 or later

  • Android Plugin for Gradle 2.3.3

    If you upgrade your gradle plugin newer than 3.0.0, make sure to add google repository and remove retrolambda plugin in your build.gradle file:

    allprojects {
      repositories {
  • Select tools->Android->SDK Manager in Android Studio, and install the following packages:

    • Android SDK Tools
    • Android SDK Platform-Tools
    • Android SDK Build-Tools (latest)
    • Android 7.1.1 (latest)
    • Support Repository: Android Support Repository
    • Support Repository: ConstraintLayout for Android
    • Support Repository: Google Repository


  1. Clone or download project to your computer.

    git clone
  2. Import project In Android Studio,open "File" -> "Open", select project.

  3. Connect your device with debug enabled

  4. Build & Run



Webex ID If you have a Webex ID (your email address), you can choose "Webex ID" to authorize your device.

Guest ID If you have a Guest ID (a string token), choose "Guest ID" in the first page, then you need to enter your App JWT token and login.