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Installation Instructions


Run the following to add this module as a requirement and install it via composer.


composer require "webfox/silverstripe-helpers"

Add the following to your config.yml:

  has_on_after_update_cms_fields: true

then browse to /dev/build?flush=all

Several of these helpers are disabled by default but can be enabled in the config.


  • Silverstripe 3.1+
  • php5.4+
  • php5-intl Package

Extension Overview


  • Adds a new ListColumn function to a DataList to allow implode() style functionality of the list items
    e.g. $list->ListColumn('ID', ' |') would result in something like "1 |18 |19 |24".
  • Automatically applied


  • Moves the metadata fields to a new tab
  • Adds a new "Meta Title" field
  • Automatically applied

If you do not add the HasOnAfterUpdateCMSFieldsExtensionPoint trait to your base Page class then the extension will use an unreliable method of moving the pages. For this reason we suggest adding use HasOnAfterUpdateCMSFieldsExtensionPoint; to this class.

If you have a custom constructor already you will need to alias the traits constructor so you may call it.

class Page extends SiteTree {

    use HasOnAfterUpdateCMSFieldsExtensionPoint {
        HasOnAfterUpdateCMSFieldsExtensionPoint::__construct as __TraitConstruct;

    public function __construct($record = null, $isSingleton = false, $model = null){

        $this->__TraitConstruct($record, $isSingleton, $model);

        //your custom things

        parent::__construct($record, $isSingleton, $model);



  • Adds a new ShowInFooter option to the page settings
  • Adds a new FooterPages() function to the SiteTree to return only pages that have this checked


  • Adds a new Image Alt Text option to the image settings
  • Makes the image settings fields full width
  • Automatically applied


  • Adds a new SEO Text option to the link settings
  • Adds a force download checkbox to the link if it's set to a file.
  • Automatically applied

Template Providers Overview


  • Adds a new Repeat($times) function to the templates to return a loopable list (kind of like a for loop)
  • Adds a new Dump($obj) function to the templates to allow easy dumping of any template variable

Extendable Classes Overview


  • Allows data objects to inherit the access permissions from their attached relation parent
  • Relation parent defaults to Page()
  • If static::$relationOwner is set to null will fall back to asking the standard Page for permission