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 Common Sense Code Completion Enhancements

 This is a repository based on Q42 Internet B.V. tool for code completion
 on CodeMirror. For screenshots and a detailed description, see our blog

 Enhacements included in this repository:
 - Updated CodeMirror to 0.93
 - Added context aware tags, so you will get suggestions based on previous
   outer tags. For example, you will only get "optgroup" and "option" inside
   a "select". Currently, the only supported tags are "head" (for meta, link,
   style and title) and "select" (for optgroup and option).
 - Support for displaying a different content in the pulldown. Separate the
   display text from the actual content with "###" like in:
   "Google Home Page###"
 - Added an additional "options" parameter to the cscc.init function so that
   you can configure the CodeMirror instance.
 - Added an option "dontStyle" so that cscc doesn't add a hardcode <style>
   into the document. (You need to style the cscc popup if you activate this
 - Fixed the autocomplete quotes to work on international keyboards.
 - Added support for "smart quotes". Since autocompletion automatically adds
   quotes, you might type a quote again to end an attribute value. With smart
   quotes, the editor won't add a new quote if the following character is
   an ending quote.
 - Added support for auto closed tags, so that you don't get a <img></img>
   ending tag. You can configure the addition of the optional html slash
   (ie: <br/>) using the "xhtmlAware" option.

 Small fixes

 - Fixes to clear the CSCC popup in certain situations, like deleting back
   the tag with the backspace.
 - Fixes for auto tag close and autocomplete quotes. They were not working in
   Firefox due to international keyboard layouts
   (Read: Firefox vs. event.keyCode :-).
 - Added support for cscc to use the CodeMirror own cursorCoords method.
   (Thanks to we:willRockYou)
   See original comments by Daniel (@we_willRockYou) on Quplog:
 - Small code cleanups.

 Some other fixes are usable only on Webpop, those enhancements are on the
 "webpop" branch. Standard code is in master, so you only have to clone the
 repository and you're almost set.
 Read the LICENSE for the original Q42 Internet B.V. LICENSE
 For the license on CodeMirror, see 
 We follow the same CSCC license for the Webpop enhanced CSCC