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These are my dotfiles. Take anything you want, but at your own risk.

It targets macOS systems, but it should work on *nix as well (tested on a few Linux boxes and Ubuntu 16).

Package overview


On a sparkling fresh installation of macOS:

sudo softwareupdate -i -a
xcode-select --install

Install the dotfiles with either Git or curl:

Clone with Git

git clone ~/.dotfiles
source ~/.dotfiles/

Remotely install using curl

Alternatively, you can install this into ~/.dotfiles remotely without Git using curl:

bash -c "`curl -fsSL`"

Or, using wget:

bash -c "`wget -O - --no-check-certificate`"

The dotfiles command

$ dotfiles help
Usage: dotfiles <command>

   clean            Clean up caches (brew, npm, gem, rvm)
   dock             Apply macOS Dock settings
   edit             Open dotfiles in IDE (code) and Git GUI (stree)
   help             This help message
   macos            Apply macOS system defaults
   test             Run tests
   update           Update packages and pkg managers (OS, brew, npm, gem)


You can put your custom settings, such as Git credentials in the system/.custom file which will be sourced from .bash_profile automatically. This file is in .gitignore.

Alternatively, you can have an additional, personal dotfiles repo at ~/.extra.

  • The runcom .bash_profile sources all ~/.extra/runcom/*.sh files.
  • The installer ( will run ~/.extra/

Additional resources


Many thanks to the dotfiles community.