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EDD integration for Help Scout

Changed Callback URL

As of version 2.0, the Callback URL in Help Scout should be

Easy Digital Downloads integration for Help Scout is a WordPress plugin that will show customer information right from your Help Scout dashboard.

Activating the plugin and configuring the integration will add the following information to your Help Scout dashboard:

  • The name of the customer and link to the profile page in EDD
  • All payments by the customer (email address must match)
  • A link to resent purchase receipts
  • All purchased "downloads"
  • The used payment method. Links to the transaction in PayPal or Stripe.

If using the Software Licensing add-on, the following information is shown as well:

  • License keys. Links to the Site Manager in Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Active sites, with a link to deactivate the license for the given site.


To get this up an running, you'll need to configure a few things in WordPress and Help Scout.


  1. Upload the contents of to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the Help Scout integration for Easy Digital Downloads plugin
  3. Set the HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY constant in your /wp-config.php file. This should be a random string of 40 characters.


define( 'HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY', 'your-random-string-of-forty-characters!' );

Help Scout

  1. Go to the Help Scout custom app interface.
  2. Enter the following settings.
Setting Value
App Name Easy Digital Downloads
Content Type Dynamic Content
Callback URL
Secret Key The value of your HELPSCOUT_SECRET_KEY constant.

Testing the plugin locally.

You can set the plugin in some test mode. Set HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA to true and HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA_EMAIL to an email address in wp-config.php to let the plugin use dummy data. You can then call directly and get a reply based on the value of HELPSCOUT_DUMMY_DATA_EMAIL.


The source code comes with plenty of hooks to add and change output and behavior.

You can also override section templates by hosting your own version of them under wp-content/themes/{THEME}/edd-helpscout/. E.g., copy views/orders.php to wp-content/themes/{THEME}/edd-helpscout/orders.php to change the output of the orders in Help Scout.