A collection of Git PHP Hooks that you maybe want to use with GitPHPHooks
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Git PHP Hooks - official Library

This is a set of Git PHP Hooks tasks, ready to use in conjunction with GitPHPHooks.

The Hooks are available in the src directory of this repo. You can read more about the naming convention here.


This repo is registered to Packagist. You can include it by adding

"wcm/git-php-hooks-library": "dev-master"

to your projects composer.json file.

Tasks included

  • PHP Lint as pre-commit task, priority: 10
  • PHP Mess Detector as pre-push task, priority: 10

Pull Requests

I am happy to accept pull requests. As it really doesn't matter (to me) what coding style you use, there's no convention forced. Just add your file, test it and send the PR. :)