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NoSQL Performance Tests

This repository contains the performance tests described in my blog. Please feel free to improve the various database test drivers. If you see any optimization I have missed, please issue a pull request.

The files are structured as follows:

benchmark.js contains the test driver and all the test cases. Currently, the following tests are implemented: shortest, hardPath, neighbors, neighbors2, neighbors2data, singleRead, singleWrite and aggregation. Use all to run all tests inclusive warmup.

arangodb, arangodb_mmfiles, neo4j, mongodb, orientdb, postgresql_jsonb and postgresql_tabular are directories containing the files description.js, and The description file implements the database specific parts of the tests. The setup and import files are used to set up the database and import the needed dataset for the test.

data contains the test data used for the read and write tests and the start and end vertices for the shortest path.



We need additional services to install:

$ curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
$ sudo apt-get install -y make build-essential nodejs

Clone the test repo and uncompress the test data files.

$ git clone
$ cd nosql-tests
$ npm install
$ npm run data


The server also needs the nosql-tests repo checked out. The folder on client and server are required to have the same path!

$ git clone

For the complete setup with all databases we need several additional services:

$ sudo apt-get install -y unzip default-jre binutils numactl collectd nodejs

To install all databases and import the test dataset:

$ ./

Run single test

To run a single test against one database, we execute benchmark.js over node.

& node benchmark.js -h
Usage: benchmark.js <command> [options]

  arangodb            ArangoDB benchmark
  arangodb-mmfiles    ArangoDB benchmark
  mongodb             MongoDB benchmark
  neo4j               neo4j benchmark
  orientdb            orientdb benchmark
  postgresql          postgresql JSON benchmark
  postgresql_tabular  postgresql tabular benchmark

  --version               Show version number                          [boolean]
  -t, --tests             tests to run separated by comma: shortest, neighbors,
                          neighbors2, neighbors2data, singleRead, singleWrite,
                          aggregation, hardPath, singleWriteSync
                                                       [string] [default: "all"]
  -s, --restrict          restrict to that many elements (0=no restriction)
                                                                    [default: 0]
  -l, --neighbors         look at that many neighbors            [default: 1000]
  --ld, --neighbors2data  look at that many neighbors2 with profiles
                                                                  [default: 100]
  -a, --address           server host            [string] [default: ""]
  -h                      Show help                                    [boolean]

copyright 2018 Claudius Weinberger

Run complete test setup

To run the complete test against every database, we simply execute

./ <server-ip> <num-runs>    


NoSQL benchmark tests for documents and graphs







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