NoSQL benchmark tests for documents and graphs
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NoSQL Performance Tests

This repository contains the performance tests described in my blog. Please feel free to improve the various database test drivers. If you see any optimization I have missed, please issue a pull request.

The files are structured as follows:

benchmark.js contains the test driver and all the test cases. Currently, the following tests are implemented: shortest, neighbors, neighbors2, singleRead, singleWrite, and aggregation. Use all to run all tests inclusive warmup.

arangodb, neo4j, and mongodb are directories containing a single file description.js. This description file implements the database specific parts of the tests.

data contains the test data used for the read and write tests and the start and end vertices for the shortest path.


git clone
npm install .
npm run data

The last step will uncompress the test data file.


node benchmark arangodb -a -t all

runs all tests against an ArangoDB server running on host


node benchmark -h
Usage: benchmark <command> [options]

  arangodb  ArangoDB benchmark
  mongodb   MongoDB benchmark
  neo4j     neo4j benchmark

  -t, --tests      tests to run separated by comma: shortest, neighbors,
                   neighbors2, singleRead, singleWrite, aggregation
                                                       [string] [default: "all"]
  -s, --restrict   restrict to that many elements (0=no restriction)
[default: 0]
  -l, --neighbors  look at that many neighbors [default: 500]
  -a, --address    server host                   [string] [default: ""]
  -h               Show help                                           [boolean]

Start Parameters

We have used the following parameters to start the databases.


./bin/arangod  /mnt/data/arangodb/data-2.7 --server.threads 16 --scheduler.threads 8 --wal.sync-interval 1000  --config etc/relative/arangod.conf --javascript.v8-contexts 17

Admin interface:


./bin/mongod --storageEngine wiredTiger --syncdelay 1 --dbpath /mnt/data/mongodb/wired2/


./bin/ -Xmx28G -Dstorage.wal.maxSize=28000


./bin/neo4j start

Admin interface: