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Hackers is an elegant iOS app for reading Hacker News links and comments. Written in Swift.
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Hackers is an iPhone and iPad app for reading Hacker News on the go. It's optimised for quickly catching up on the latest news and comments without getting in your way.


  • Thumbnails generated for posts
  • Comments threads are collapsable
  • Full iPad multitasking support
  • Safari View Controller

Open Source

Hackers is open source and licenced under the MIT licence.

Download in App Store


How to build

  1. Install CocoaPods, you can use RubyGems: gem install cocoapods.
  2. Install pods, in the project root folder, run pod install.
  3. Open the workspace file (Hackers.xcworkspace) in Xcode 9 or later, and build.

Generate screenshots

  1. Install fastlane.
  2. Run fastlane frameit in /Screenshots


I use several open source projects in Hackers, in no particular order:

By Weiran Zhang
Website | Twitter | GitHub

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