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Virtual reality arcade
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varcade 🕹

Virtual reality arcade

Description 📝

Group session for a care home, set in virtual field. People will solve tasks together, or experience things together, through interacting with arcade machines. User's will pull the handle on a slot machine, which will generate a task. Full description found here

Tasks for users:

  • TV
  • Pictures
  • Music Videos
  • Trivia
  • Riddles
  • Jokes

Use Case 👵

During a group activity in a care home, residents will enter the environment using Google Cardboard headsets, and be able to see one another in the environment. Someone, likely the facilitator of the activity will pull a leaver on the slot machine, showing a random task. Users will then collaborate to complete the task.

Implementation 🔨


  • Create a scene (Floor, Sky)
  • Build an arcade machine (Rectangle Entity, Lever)
  • Build tasks (find riddles, look at rendering videos?)
  • Animate machine (detect gaze~~, and rotate lever)
  • Show task
  • Complete the task


Pull repository into Glitch. Should automatically build from index.js. If assets are missing download the slot machine as an obj from the link below. Store the slot.obj and slot.mtl files in Glitch's asset folder. Make sure to update the CDN links in index.html for the slot machine files in the asset manager.

References 📚

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