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Direct Drive CableCam

This is the version for the ODrive Robotics motor controller and the D5065 dual shaft motor with encoder.

The CAD program primarily used is Rhino 3D V5.0 (cablecam.3dm) but for better portability the exact same content is exported as AutoCAD (cablecam.dxf) and Step file (cablecam.stp).

In case one of the files has a problem, file an Issue in this repository.

Generally speaking, the plans consists of three areas:

3D Model of the assembled CableCam using multiple layers

Here the entire CableCam can be seen. CableCam_Plan_3D.png

Drive Shaft assembly

The drive dog is a simple D22x7xd8 disk to be clamped to the motor axle and holds the inline skate wheels. Drive_Shaft.png

Main body in 2D

The main body consists of 2mm thick CFK mostly, except for the base plate where the Gimbal will be mounted on, that is 8mm thick alu and the motor assembly plate made of 4mm alu. These parts did undergo several iterations of design, e.g. initially some parts were 2.5D elements and had to be milled. To safe costs all has been redesigned to be pure 2D parts and waterjet cutting provide the best result. A clean surface with just a bit of chamfer needed afterwards - to make it perfect - and the cheapest way to manufacture all. Waterjet_2D_cutting.png

Bill of Material

Item Qty
Inbusschraube niedriger Kopf M4x10 Befestigung Motor and Motorträger 4
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x16 Odrive Controller Befestigung 6
Stoppmutter M3 Odrive Controller Befestigung 6
Distanzscheibe d3x1 Kunststoff Odrive Controller Befestigung 6
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Motorträger an Seitenwange1 5
Stoppmutter M3 Motorträger an Seitenwange1 5
Unterlegscheibe d3 Motorträger an Seitenwange1 5
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Seitenwange1 24
Distanzmutter M3x30 Seitenwange1 24
Distanzmutter M3x30 Seitenwange1 Seilkäfig 12
Madenschraube M3x20 Seitenwange1 Seilkäfig 6
Zylinderkopfschraube M6x16 Laufradbefestigung 2
Distanzmutter M6x30 Laufradbefestigung 2
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Seitenwange2 CC3D 4
Distanzhülse M3x3 Kunststoff Seitenwange2 CC3D 4
Stoppmutter M3 CC3D Befestigung 4
Zylinderkopfschraube M4x50 Gimbalträger 2
Stoppmutter M4 Gimbalträger 2
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Encoderträger 4
Distanzmutter M3x35 Encoderträger 4
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Seitenwange2 30
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Encoderdeckel 4
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Encoder 2
Stoppmutter M3 Encoder 2
Unterlegscheibe d3 Encoder 2
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x12 Laufradkäfig 6
Zylinderkopfschraube M6x40 Laufrad 2
Unterlegscheibe d6 Laufrad 2
Stiftschraube mit Ringschneide M4x6 Mitnehmer 2
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x25 Klemmung Antriebsrad 4
Zylinderkopfschraube M3x45 Seilkäfig 2



The direct drive version of the cablecam







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