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Fullcalendar Plugin

The Fullcalendar Plugin is for Grav CMS. It reads ICS Calendar Files and shows Events in a monthly Calendar Widget on your Page(s) - including Month Specific Images (if available in the calendar page folder):


Installing the Fullcalendar plugin can be done in one of two ways. The GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method enables you to quickly and easily install the plugin with a simple terminal command, while the manual method enables you to do so via a zip file.

GPM Installation (Preferred)

The simplest way to install this plugin is via the Grav Package Manager (GPM) through your system's terminal (also called the command line). From the root of your Grav install type:

bin/gpm install fullcalendar

This will install the Fullcalendar plugin into your /user/plugins directory within Grav. Its files can be found under /your/site/grav/user/plugins/fullcalendar.

Manual Installation

To install this plugin, just download the zip version of this repository and unzip it under /your/site/grav/user/plugins. Then, rename the folder to fullcalendar. You can find these files on GitHub or via

You should now have all the plugin files under


NOTE: This plugin is a modular component for Grav which requires Grav and the Error and Problems Plugins to operate.

Admin Plugin

If you use the admin plugin, you can install directly through the admin plugin by browsing the Plugins tab and clicking on the Add button.


Before configuring this plugin, you should copy the user/plugins/fullcalendar/fullcalendar.yaml to user/config/plugins/fullcalendar.yaml and only edit that copy.
Note that if you use the admin plugin, the file with your configuration, named fullcalendar.yaml will be saved in the user/config/plugins/ folder once the configuration is saved in the admin.
There is also a simple UI in the admin Backend that provides basic customizations.

Here is the default configuration and an explanation of available options:

enabled: true
colors: "#3a87ad" # see additional Note on custom colors in the Changelog, be sure to use single or double quotes around list !
showlegend: false   # set to true to show calendar File Name(s) as Legend below grid
weekNumbers: false  # set to true to show Week Numbers
cors_api_url: # the default value is now empty as the formerly used external proxy, , will no longer work
addJquery: false # Add Jquery asset in case your Theme does not do this


Once installed and enabled, you can use this Plugin to parse ICS Calendar File(s) (these must be found in user/data/calendars and set as parameter in Plugin shortcode, without Path !) and display Events from that Calendar(s) anywhere on your Site using this shortcode:

[fullcalendar icsfile="example0.ics,example1.ics,..."][/fullcalendar]

in the appropriate page (note the double quotes " surrounding the file name - single quotes ' will not work !)
You can also provide absolute URL's to ICS Files, in which case a CORS proxy will be used to access them.
As an addition, you can show a Picture for the current month above the calendar widget.
Just put 12 Image Files named 'January.jpg', 'February.jpg', ... , 'December.jpg' in the Folder for your Page where the Calendar will be placed. (Note that Image File names must match Month names according to your locale setting, so, for locale: de, use 'Januar.jpg' ...).
From Version 0.2.6, it is also possible to just drop .ics Calendar Files into your page folder, they will be picked up and used like those in /user/data/calendars.
In case you only use calendar files in the page folder, be sure to include an empty shortcut:
in your page content, otherwise it will not work !
Also note, that from v 0.2.8, the Plugin will only work if you use the calendar.html.twig template from the plugin (or a modified copy in your Theme Folder) for the calendar page - this can be done manually or in the admin backend by choosing 'Calendar' in the dropdown for the page template.
Additionally, it should be noted that this Plugin relies on jquery beeing loaded by the Theme (most Themes do this) - in case you are using a Theme that does not do this, there is now (from v 0.2.10) a configuration Option to resolve this Problem: just set addJquery to true.

Advanced Usage

As an addition to the standard use case, there is an elegant way to automatically update your .ics Files from remote Calendars in case those are hosted on a CalDav Server (e.g. Owncloud, Nextcloud...):
In this case, you can just use caldav2ics via cron job or the Grav Scheduler to automatically update your ics Files shown by the Fullcalendar Plugin, so that remote Calendar content, usually maintained in separate Calendar Apps (such as Google Calendar or Lightning) is automatically propagated to your Website.
The same is true if you install grav-plugin-caldav2ics which is fully integrated in Grav and has a nice Admin Backend for easy configuration.

CORS Issues:

As of Begin 2021, I realized, that the recommended external CORS Proxy (herokuapp, see above) will no longer work for public use, see this support Thread. So I decided to implement a local CORS Proxy, which is available from v 0.2.8. For most use cases, the empty Cors API URL in the settings should be ok, only in case your Grav Installation is not in the web root, you will need to adapt this.
Hint: the automatically evaluated URL (created when Cors API URL is empty - so, when updating, be sure to delete the old herokuapp URL if present) is normally http://yourdomain/user/plugins/fullcalendar/proxy.php/ which will work if the Grav Installation is at the webroot, if that is not the case, e.g. Grav installed in Subdirectory grav, you will need http://yourdomain/grav/user/plugins/fullcalendar/proxy.php/ .


This Plugin is built on, jakubroztocil/rrule and jsical - Javascript parser for rfc5545

To Do

  • Implement EXDATE/EXRULE rrule exceptions
  • Upgrade included to Version 5 (currently: Version 4)


Reads ICS Calendar File(s) and shows Events in a monthly Calendar Widget





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