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Werval is an open source JVM based toolkit for building HTTP services

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  1. werval werval Public

    werval core, gradle & maven plugins, modules and distribution

    Java 2 3

  2. werval-skel-gradle werval-skel-gradle Public

    werval gradle application skeleton

    Java 1

  3. werval-skel-gradle-spa werval-skel-gradle-spa Public

    werval gradle spa skeleton

    JavaScript 1

  4. werval-skel-maven werval-skel-maven Public

    werval maven application skeleton

    Java 1

  5. werval-skel-module werval-skel-module Public

    werval module skeleton

    Java 1

  6. werval-sample-beerdb werval-sample-beerdb Public

    beer-database - werval sample application

    Java 1


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