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data fixed stuff for ungi logo
java initial import
jobs added hendrik's job (19" frontblende kuerzen)
svg-dtd Add new jobs
tests initial import
Makefile initial import
TODO initial import
arc.lisp was auch immer das hier sein soll, wir checkens ieber ein
atof.lisp added svg parser (rudimentary)
bbox.lisp added spirals and stuff
bezier.lisp fixed stuff for ungi logo
bugs.lisp initial import
casings.lisp merge with spirals
cube.lisp modified lisp files
drill.lisp modified lisp files
faces.lisp initial import
gcode.asd Use correct tool width in rectangle-width
gcode.lisp initial import
gcode2.asd modified lisp stuff
geometry.lisp added split-curves for svg stuff
helpers.lisp modified lisp files
infpre.lisp initial import
init.lisp added spirals and stuff
moves.lisp box now takes over correct dimensions, and all sides fit
offset.lisp added spirals and stuff
opcodes.lisp added hendrik's job (19" frontblende kuerzen)
optimize.lisp modified lisp files
p5.lisp modified lisp files
package.lisp added spirals and stuff
panel.lisp modified lisp files
pdf.lisp modified lisp files
pot-glue.c initial import
pot-uffi.lisp ramping in on bezier curves
potrace.lisp modified lisp files
raster.lisp added spirals and stuff
sdl.lisp initial import
shapes.lisp Use correct tool width in rectangle-width
solder.lisp modified lisp files
spirals.lisp modified lisp files
svg.lisp Add new jobs
tests.lisp initial import
tools.lisp modified lisp files
voronoi.lisp initial import
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