Integration of Talismane with Apache Stanbol
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Apache Stanbol talismane integration

Talismane is a AGPL licensed language analysis tool suite that supports French. This project aims to provide a standalone server providing a RESTful API that can than be used by Apache Stanbol for NLP processing of texts.

Install Talismane

The Talismane are not available on any Maven server. Because of that it is necessary

  • clone talismane form
  • compiles using Apache Ant and to
  • install the jars to the local maven repo using Apache Maven

This steps can be done by using the in the same directory.

Running the Stanbol Talismane Server

Building the Server

By building the project with

mvm clean install

the runable JAR for the server is also be assembled. You can find the JAR under


Before running the server you should copy this jar file to an dedicated directory.

Running the Server

The server supports the following command line parameters

  • -h --help : Prints an help screen similar to this documentation
  • -p --port {port}: the port (default 8080)
  • -t --analyser-threads {analyzer-thread}: The size of the thread pool used for Talismane to tokenize and POS tag sentences (default: 10)

Example: To following command will start the server on port 8082

java -Xmx1g -jar at.salzburgresearch.stanbol.stanbol.enhancer.nlp.talismane.server-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar -p 8082


All modules are dual licensed under the AGPL and the Apache License Version 2.0.

Why two licenses

While I am no expert the intension of having two licenses is the following: Executing this code requires to confirm to the more restrictive rules defined by the AGPL the more permissive Apache License will still allow users to take code snippets or utility classes and do with them what ever they want.