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face_detector Cleanup (#73) Jun 7, 2019
leg_detector [kinetic] Fix leg probabilities (#68) Jun 18, 2019
people 1.1.2 Aug 30, 2018
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people_tracking_filter Cleanup (#73) Jun 7, 2019
people_velocity_tracker Cleanup (#73) Jun 7, 2019 Updated readme, remove travis (#74) Jun 10, 2019


Algorithms related to detecting and tracking people using various robot sensors.



Distro Status
Kinetic Kinetic Build Status
Melodic Melodic Build Status


Current Status:

  • indigo-devel is used by the ROS kinetic distro.

  • kinetic is used by the ROS melodic distro.

Proposed Status:

  • ROS kinetic and melodic use ros1 branch.
  • ros2 branch for ROS2 dashing.
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