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Command line tool for interacting with the Apple Dev Center

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The Wizard Of Dev center interacts with the Apple Dev Center web pages so you don't have to!


$ gem install wod


$ wod help

=== General Commands

help                        # show this usage
version                     # show the gem version

login                       # log in with your apple credentials
logout                      # clear local authentication credentials

auth:direct_login <user> <pass> <team> # log in with your apple credentials without manual input

devices                     # list your registered devices
devices:add <name> <udid>   # add a new device
devices:remove <name>       # remove device (Still counts against device limit)

profiles                    # list your distribution provisioning profiles
profiles:get <name> <file>  # download distribution profile to file


List Devices:

$ wod devices
Steve Jobs iPad 3  | 554f3fg54bc953547ry7a6bd62c678c11e912345
Jon Ive's iPhone 5 | 2d84d56ceg52c49379537413d3b9865ae2b12345

Add Device:

$ wod devices:add "Dave's iPod Touch" 2d84d56ceg52c49379537413d3b9865ae2b12345

Remove Device:

$ wod devices:remove "Jon Ive's iPhone 5"


More features to come as I need them or as other people fork and add em ;)

Proudly brought to you by the wizard of identity crises (whatupdave/snappycode/wizard of id)

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