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Compass Build System for Sublime Text
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Compass Build System for Sublime Text

Works with Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3.

Adds a Build System for Compass Watch when opening SASS Files. (Sublime-Text-2-SASS-Package or similar SASS Package needed).

Create a project and place the Sublime Text Project file in your project's folder root. Example: yourproject/project.sublime-project

A Sublime Text Project File in the root of your project is necessary.


Ruby and the Compass Gem have to be installed. Important: This package is not going to add syntax highlighting for SCSS/SASS.


With Package Control plugin

I recommend this method If you want the Compass Build System always up-to-date.

  1. Install the Package Control Plugin for Sublime Text 2 or 3. Follow the instructions and restart Sublime Text.
  2. Use Preferences > Package Control or Command+Shift+P (OS X) / Control+Shift+P (Linux/Windows) and select "Package Control: Install Package". Wait while repositories are loading.
  3. When the command form appears type "Compass" and you'll find the Compass Build System. Select to install.

Package Control


Open one of your .sass files and press CTRL + B (or Tools > Build). If you have more than one Build System that is able to compile SASS, change the Build System to Compass under Tools > Build.


How to configure Compass build with rbenv in Sublime Text 2?

See topic on Stackoverflow

Sprite mixins from Compass don't work. What can I do?

You'll have to edit the sprite importer from Compass. Take a look at the issue and the original fix in the Compass repository.

Error folder was unexpected at this time

This is a Windows only issue and means, you have special chars in your project path. To get it working, remove special chars in your folder names. There mustn't be any single special char in the whole path down to the project. See support thread, #59.

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