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Origins serialize to ASCII these days

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annevk committed Jul 5, 2017
1 parent fc85a1b commit fba2caf4be29c30e7e03010d5fce240a729e0bed
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@@ -4820,7 +4820,7 @@ The <dfn attribute for=Document><code>URL</code></dfn> attribute's getter and
<a for=Document>URL</a>, <a lt="URL serializer" spec=url>serialized</a>.

The <dfn attribute for=Document><code>origin</code></dfn> attribute's getter must return the
<a lt="Unicode serialization of an origin">Unicode serialization</a> of <a>context object</a>'s
<a lt="serialization of an origin">serialization</a> of <a>context object</a>'s
<a for=Document>origin</a>.

The <dfn attribute for=Document><code>compatMode</code></dfn> attribute's getter must

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