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Remove Reporting API from CORS exceptions

As of w3c/reporting#41, the Reporting spec sends CORS preflights for report uploads if the origin of the collector is different than the origin of the reports in the upload.  That means we can remove Reporting from the CORS protocol exception list.
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dcreager authored and annevk committed Jul 31, 2018
1 parent 7ab665e commit b3492ec22778d1e5705432d80b82dfa7664aedf0
Showing with 1 addition and 6 deletions.
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@@ -76,11 +76,6 @@ url:;text:delta-seconds;type:d
"href": "",
"title": "HTTP proxy default configurations allow arbitrary TCP connections."
"authors": ["Ilya Grigorik", "Mike West"],
"href": "",
"title": "Reporting API"
"authors": [
"Emily Stark"
@@ -2397,7 +2392,6 @@ values:

<ul class=brief>
<li>`<code>application/csp-report</code>` [[CSP]]
<li>`<code>application/report</code>` [[REPORTING]]
<li>`<code>application/expect-ct-report+json</code>` [[EXPECT-CT]]
<li>`<code>application/ocsp-request</code>` [[OCSP]]
@@ -6600,6 +6594,7 @@ Domenic Denicola,
Dominic Farolino,
Dominique Hazaël-Massieux,
Doug Turner,
Douglas Creager,
Eero Häkkinen,
Ehsan Akhgari,
Emily Stark,

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