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Add and populate global object's "CSP list"

Content Security Policy adds a new property to the global object that
holds the active policy objects for a context. This patch merges this
property into HTML, and initialises it whenever creating new Document
and Worker objects.

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mikewest committed Oct 21, 2015
1 parent ecce42b commit 479dfbf1ff68b746ed3f81cc7415165e3342709e
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<li><dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-response-header-list" data-x-href="">header list</dfn>
<li><dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-response-body" data-x-href="">body</dfn>
<li><dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-internal-response" data-x-href="">internal response</dfn>
<li><dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-response-csp-list" data-x-href="">CSP list</dfn>
<li><dfn data-noexport="" data-x="concept-response-https-state" data-x-href="">HTTPS state</dfn>
<li><dfn data-noexport="" data-x-href="">enforce the policy</dfn></li>
<li>The <dfn data-noexport="" data-x-href=""><code data-x="">frame-ancestors</code> directive</dfn></li>
<li>The <dfn data-noexport="" data-x-href="">parse a serialized Content Security Policy</dfn> algorithm</li>
<li>The <dfn data-noexport="" data-x-href="">Initialise a global object's CSP list</dfn> algorithm</li>
<li>The <dfn data-noexport="" data-x-href="">Initialise a Document's CSP list</dfn> algorithm</li>
<li>The <dfn data-noexport="" data-x-href=""><code data-x="">report-uri</code> directive</dfn></li>
<li>The <dfn data-noexport="" data-x-href=""><code data-x="">sandbox</code> directive</dfn></li>
state</span> of the <span>browsing context</span>'s <span>active document</span>'s

<li><p>Let <var>CSP list</var> be the <span data-x="concept-document-csp-list">CSP list</span>
of the <span>browsing context</span>'s <span>active document</span>.</p></li>


<p><span>Navigate</span><!--DONAV reload after> the <span>browsing context</span> to
a new <span data-x="concept-response">response</span> whose <span
data-x="concept-response-body">body</span> is <var>source</var> and <span
data-x="concept-response-body">body</span> is <var>source</var>, <span
data-x="concept-response-csp-list">CSP list</span> is <var>CSP list</var> and <span
data-x="concept-response-https-state">HTTPS state</span> is <var>HTTPS state</var>, with
<span>replacement enabled</span> and <span>exceptions enabled</span>. The <span>source browsing
context</span> is that given to the <span data-x="an overridden reload">overridden reload</span>
<span>Document</span> implements <span>GlobalEventHandlers</span>;</pre>

<p>The <code>Document</code> has a <dfn data-x="concept-document-csp-list">CSP list</dfn>, which is a
list of <span>Content Security Policy</span> objects active in this context. The list is empty
unless otherwise specified.</p>

<h4><dfn>Resource metadata management</dfn></h4>
data-x="concept-response-url-list">url list</span> consists of <code>about:srcdoc</code>, <span
data-x="concept-response-header-list">header list</span> consists of
`<code data-x="">Content-Type</code>`/`<code>text/html</code>`, <span
data-x="concept-response-body">body</span> is the value of the attribute, and <span
data-x="concept-response-https-state">HTTPS state</span> is the <span
data-x="concept-response-body">body</span> is the value of the attribute, <span
data-x="concept-response-csp-list">CSP list</span> is the <span
data-x="concept-document-csp-list">CSP list</span> of the <code>iframe</code> element's <span>node
document</span>, and <span data-x="concept-response-https-state">HTTPS state</span> is the <span
data-x="concept-window-https-state">HTTPS state</span> of the <code>iframe</code> element's
<span>node document</span>'s <code>Window</code>.

state</span> to the <span data-x="concept-response-https-state">HTTPS state</span> of the
resource used to generate the document.</p></li>

<li><p>Execute the <span>Initialise a <code data-x="">Document</code>'s CSP list</span>
algorithm on the <code>Document</code> object and the resource used to generate the document.
<ref spec="CSP"></p>

<li><p>Set <span>the document's referrer</span> to the <i>address of the resource from which
Request-URIs are obtained</i> as determined when the fetch algorithm obtained the resource, if
that algorithm was used and determined such a value; otherwise, set it to the empty
"<code data-x="">deprecated</code>", or "<code data-x="">none</code>"). It is initially "<code

<p>A <code>WorkerGlobalScope</code> object has an associated <dfn data-dfn-for="WorkerGlobalScope"
data-x="concept-WorkerGlobalScope-csp-list">CSP list</dfn>. It is initially an empty list.

<p>The <dfn><code data-x="dom-WorkerGlobalScope-self">self</code></dfn> attribute must return the
<code>WorkerGlobalScope</code> object itself.</p>

data-x="concept-WorkerGlobalScope-https-state">HTTPS state</span> to <var>response</var>'s <span
data-x="concept-response-https-state">HTTPS state</span>.</p></li>

<li><p>Set <var>worker global scope</var>'s <span
data-x="concept-WorkerGlobalScope-csp-list">CSP list</span> to <var>response</var>'s <span
data-x="concept-response-csp-list">CSP list</span>.</p></li>

<li><p>In the newly created execution environment, create a <span>JavaScript global
environment</span> whose <i>global object</i> is <var>worker global scope</var>. If <var>worker
global scope</var> is a <code>DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope</code> object, then this is a

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