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[] (0) Prepare a WebVTT standard. Remove the WebVTT text from the HTM…

…L standard; refer to the WebVTT spec instead. Drop PeerConnection (moved to W3C WebRTC WG). Clean up some internal annotations (sorry, this affects a number of topics but is purely editorial). Fix some WebIDL issues flagged by recent updates to the WebIDL checker.

Affected topics: Canvas, DOM APIs, HTML, HTML Syntax and Parsing, Microdata, Offline Web Applications, Rendering, Security, Server-Sent Events, Video Text Tracks, Video and Audio, Web Storage, Web Workers, WebSocket API

git-svn-id: 340c8d12-0b0e-0410-8428-c7bf67bfef74
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Hixie committed Nov 28, 2011
1 parent 6c1bec9 commit 5e99b278578b666141bc487c77b8d5c56669a30b
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