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Extract a MIME type no longer returns bytes
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This aligns with the changes made in whatwg/fetch#831. Fortunately the remainder of the prose already assumed it got a MIME type record rather than bytes.
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annevk committed Mar 24, 2019
1 parent dbbd77c commit cf97f4e
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Expand Up @@ -1280,8 +1280,7 @@ transfer-encoding: chunked</code></pre>
<li><p>Let <var>mimeType</var> be the result of <a for="header list">extracting a MIME type</a>
from <a>response</a>'s <a for=response>header list</a>.

<li><p>If <var>mimeType</var> is the empty byte sequence, then set <var>mimeType</var> to
<li><p>If <var>mimeType</var> is failure, then set <var>mimeType</var> to <code>text/xml</code>.

<li><p>Return <var>mimeType</var>.
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