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Cygwin Easy

Cygwin Easy is an autorun disk that let you work easily and quickly with Cygwin environment in
a Windows computer without install anything on your hard disk.

When you insert the disk the autorun start automatically, if nothing happens it's necessary to
run "autorun.bat" manually.

Your Cygwin work directory (home) is the "cygwin" directory placed on your desktop.

If in your computer there is already an installation of Cygwin when "autorun.bat" is properly
terminated (when you close the first shell typing exit) or when you click on the link to
remove Cygwin Easy it will return back to the previous environment.

In the desktop there is also some links to start new shells or to start X Windows server, if

If you want to start X Windows server when the disk is inserted you can run the command
"D:\autorun X" from the Search box on the Start menu or from Start -> Run (where "D" is the
letter that refers to your drive).

At the end of the work with Cygwin Easy on your guest system there will be only your workdir.

If you want to change your home path is possible to create a configuration file called
"cygwineasy.ini" in your desktop that contains:

[Cygwin Easy]

where "C:\home\user" is the path of your workdir.

You can also specify this as second argument for "autorun.bat", for example:
"D:\autorun shell C:\home\user" (from the Search box on the Start menu or from Start -> Run).

If you want a more powerful console (for example, with the tabs) you can run "console.exe" that
is in the directory called "console". Console is an open source application that is compatible
with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and next versions (

A complete list of all packages is inside the file "packages.txt", but if you want more software
or only update the system to latest version available you can use "easy-update" command, 
checking before if it's possible to write on the disk where Cygwin Easy resides.

Licenses of packages vary, but most are under the GPL. Cygwin Easy scripts are under GPL.
General information about Cygwin licenses is available at

Cygwin Easy requires Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista or next versions.

For any other informations visit the site of the project:
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