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A light-based tool to visualize information about vinyl record collections. The system is meant for you to browse a digital list of records, select one, and have an indicator LED nearest the desired record blink to help you find it's location.

Getting Started

This flask app will start a local web server which will attempt to download a public Discogs user's entire collection to a local json file. You can then browse the collection, filtering it by various criteriea or searching via text input, and make a selection to be indicated by an LED on the actual shelf.


We will use Fadecandy and opc drive the LEDs

We will use Flask for the web server/framework .

sudo pip install Flask


Clone the repository to your local system.

git clone

Navigate to the project folder

cd shelf

Edit and set the variable discogsUsername to your Discogs username


In a new terminal window, start the web server


Enter this url into a browser


You should get an error stating you need to download new data, click the link to start the download process.

Click here to load collection data

While the collection data is being downloaded from discogs, you should see information feeding back in the terminal window about what page of data is currently being downloaded. When the process finishes your browser should refresh with a success message. Click to return home.

Click to return home.

Installation complete! You should now be able to browse a local list of your Discogs record collection that will trigger LED animations on a fadecandy server corresponding to the records physical locaton.


You will have to edit variables for the number of LEDs in your setup if it differs from mine, as well as an offset to account for records only taking up a portion of your shelf. Will add this soon.

Built With


I would love some help/criticism/feedback, I'm new to collaborative coding.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • scanlime for the amazing Fadecandy!
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