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V1 update Oct 21, 2013
Licence.txt update Jun 10, 2013


gitDigger: Creating realworld wordlists from github hosted data.

Link to donate HD space:
Paypal donations:

	all_dirs.txt: All directories found inside of github projects.
	all_files.txt: All files found inside of github projects.
	all-extensionless.txt: All files found without an extension.
	email_usernames.txt: All usernames found from email addresses.
	github_projectnames.txt: Sorted list of project names found on github.
	github_usernames.txt: Sorted list of usernames found on github.
	passwords.txt:  Passwords found within github projects.
	static_salts.txt: static salts found within github projects.
	usernames.txt: Usernames found within github projects.
	* All sublists are generated from all_files.txt *

Database Stats:

Repositories Cloned: 746,854
Repositories Processed: 746,452
Repository Users: 247,373
Passwords Carved: 12,769 unique from 1,574,626 total
Usernames Carved: 12,933 unique from 1,170,624 total
Directories: 966,439 unique from 47,365,030 total
Files: 19,260,460 unique from 256,373,340 total
Emails: 222,669 unique from 12,921,018 total
Estimated Space Used: 10 TB
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