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+# Patterns to deal with big ActiveRecord models #
+## by Luismi Cavallé ##
+### Abstract ###
+“Skinny controllers, fat models” is a well-known practice in the Rails community
+that everyone seems to follow. However, as your application evolves and your
+models grow, maintaining them can become less enjoyable than it used to be.
+In the last few years, the community has been proposing patterns and techniques
+to deal with big AR models. Presenters, Service objects, Concerns or DCI are
+only a few examples of solutions suggested to alleviate the pain caused by
+gigantic models.
+In this talk, we will critically explore these patterns in their varied
+flavours. We'll compare them in order to expose their strengths and weaknesses
+and you'll learn when and how to use them to keep your Rails models as
+pleasurable to deal with as the first day.
+### Additional Notes ###
+Since several months ago, I've been [collecting][1] resources and
+[researching][2] about the big-models issue in Rails. Books, blog posts,
+conference talks, a lot have been said about this topic. I'm putting all of it
+together to try to distill a view as complete as possible which could help me
+(and hopefully others) to improve the maintainability of my AR models.
+This talk is the result of that effort. I'm willing to share and discuss with
+the community some interesting insights about a topic many people are interested
+## Social ##
+* [GitHub](
+* [Twitter](
+* [Writings](
+* [Speaker Deck](
+* [SlideShare](

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