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AsseticBundle v2.0 Build Status

Assets management per module made easy.

  • Optimize your assets. Minify your css, js; Compile scss, and more...
  • Adapts To Your Needs. Using custom template engine and want to use power of this module, just implement AsseticBundle\View\StrategyInterface
  • Well tested. Besides unit test this solution is also ready for the production use.
  • Great fundations. Based on Assetic and ZF2 & ZF3
  • Excellent community. Everything is thanks to great support from GitHub & PHP community!
  • Every change is tracked. Want to know whats new? Take a look at CHANGELOG.md
  • Listen to your ideas. Have a great idea? Bring your tested pull request or open a new issue.


  1. Install package by composer. Don't know how? Take a look here
{"require": {
    "widmogrod/zf2-assetic-module": "^2.0"
  1. Declare AsseticBundle into the application.config.file :
'modules' => array(
     'AsseticBundle' // <= declare you want to use AsseticModule
  1. Create cache and assets directory with valid permissions.
vendor/bin/assetic setup
  1. Setup your asset configuration.
cp vendor/widmogrod/zf2-assetic-module/configs/assets.config.php.dist modules/My_Module/configs/assets.config.php

and read how to start guide.


Build Status on branch devel