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Improved web interface for dump1090-fa
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Provides an improved dump1090-fa webinterface

  • Improved adjustable history
  • Show All Tracks much faster than original with many planes
  • Multiple Maps available
  • Map can be dimmed/darkened
  • Multiple aircraft can be selected
  • Labels with the callsign can be switched on and off

See the bottom of the page for screenshots

Installation / Update:

sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"

View the added webinterface

Click the following URL and replace the IP address with address of your Raspberry Pi:


Check further down or keyboard shortcuts.

Configuration (optional):

Edit the configuration file to change the interval in seconds and number of history files saved:

sudo nano /etc/default/tar1090

Ctrl-x to exit, y (yes) and enter to save.

Apply the configuration:

sudo systemctl restart tar1090

The duration of the history in seconds can be calculated as interval times history_size.

UAT receiver running dump978-fa and skyview978:

This is the relevant part in the configuration file:

# Change to yes to enable UAT/978 display in tar1090
# If running dump978-fa on another computer, modify the IP-address as appropriate.

Open and save as described above in the Configuration section. Follow the instructions in the file.

Installation / Update to work with another folder, for example /run/combine1090

wget -q -O /tmp/
sudo bash /tmp/ /run/combine1090

Remove / Uninstall

sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Q and E zoom out and in.
  • A and D move West and East.
  • W and S move North and South.
  • C or Esc clears the selection.
  • M toggles multiselect.
  • T selects all aircraft
  • B toggle map brightness


Screenshot1 Screenshot2

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