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Roguehostapd is a fork of hostapd, the famous user space software access point. It provides Python ctypes bindings and a number of additional attack features. It was primarily developed for use in the Wifiphisher project.


To build the latest development version type the following commands:

git clone # Download the latest version
cd roguehostapd # Switch to the roguehostapd directory
python install # Build the shared library of hostapd


python -i wlan0 -ssid haha

Use wlan0 for spawning the OPEN rogue AP on channel 6 and the ssid is haha.

python -i wlan0 -ssid haha -pK 12345678

Use wlan0 for spawning the WPA2/WPA rogue AP with passhrase 12345678

python -i wlan0 -ssid haha -kA

Use wlan0 for spawning the OPEN rogue AP supporting the KARMA attack.

    'ssid': 'haha',
    'interface': 'wlan0',
    'karma_enable': 1}
    'debug_level': hostapd_constants.HOSTAPD_DEBUG_OFF
HOSTAPD_OBJ = Hostapd()

The above configuration will perform the KARMA attack.

Following are all the options along with their descriptions (also available with python -h)

Short form Long form Explanation
-h --help show this help message and exit
-ssid SSID --ssid SSID Select the ssid for the spawn rogue AP
-c CHANNEL --channel CHANNEL Select the channel number for the spawn rogue AP
-bI BEACON_INT --beacon_int BEACON_INT Define the beacon interval in milliseconds for the spawn rogue AP
-i INTERFACE --interface INTERFACE Select the interface for the spawn rogue AP. Example: -i wlan0
-pK WPA_PASSPHRASE --wpa_passphrase WPA_PASSPHRASE Define the password for the spawn rogue AP.
-kA Enabling the KARMA attack
-dV --debug-verbose Enabling the verbose debug log
-K --key_data Include key data in debug messages
-t --timestamp Include timestamps in some debug messages
-v --version Show hostapd version