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WLMMobile.xcodeproj Tweak Xcode project to build, move icons back to icons dir :)
WLMMobile Tweak Xcode project to build, move icons back to icons dir :)
assets/www Use correct Creative Commons license abbreviation
cordova Losslessly compress images
libs Partial workaround for Picasa gallery selection crash (bug 39604)
res Losslessly compress images
scratch Added Screenshots
scripts Add fixme lines regarding removing dep on CAMPAIGNS.desc
src Renamed to org.wikilovesmonuments
.classpath Add .gitignore with bin and gen
.gitignore Add .gitignore with bin and gen
AndroidManifest.xml Renamed to org.wikilovesmonuments
COPYING Added license and credits
CREDITS Added license and credits
README fix spelling add android files
build.xml Set app name to WLMMobile
www Created base iOS project files.


Wiki Loves Monuments Android Application

Monument discovery and photo upload app built with Apache Cordova for Android.

= General =
Contains iOS and Android code.

To import Android project to Eclipse:
* create new project
** new "Android project"
** "from existing sources"
** set target API level to 4.0
* go to project properties, make sure compiler is set to Java 1.6

PhoneGap/Cordova issues:

* - no way to get progress information from FileTransfer
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