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Latest commit b7b781a Oct 23, 2017 @mdholloway mdholloway Hygiene: Update test script comments
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.sdk/licenses Bump build-tools to 26.0.2 and update SDK license Oct 11, 2017
app Merge "Design tweaks in theme chooser dialog." Oct 23, 2017
art/tool-tips/gimp Share A Fact onboarding design tweaks Jul 17, 2015
gradle Hygiene: remove Spoon page content integration tests Apr 6, 2017
icon-launcher Add dev launcher icon and name Jun 8, 2015
icon-svgs Vectorize still more drawables. Dec 20, 2016
scripts Hygiene: Update test script comments Oct 23, 2017
www Fix collapsing of References. Oct 13, 2017
.arcconfig Create .arcconfig Aug 16, 2016
.gitignore Add screenshot unit test support and diff script Sep 1, 2016
.gitreview Add .gitreview Oct 25, 2013
.jshintignore Update npm configuations to be able to run npm install Mar 10, 2016
.jshintrc Added jshintrc and fixed warning Apr 8, 2014 Add Jun 9, 2017
COPYING Bump COPYING copyright period end year to 2017 :) Jun 12, 2017 Hygiene: Change README back to markdown Apr 18, 2017
build.gradle Hygiene: remove unused Gradle bits Aug 1, 2017
gradlew Update Gradle Wrapper to 3.4 Feb 27, 2017
gradlew.bat Update Gradle Wrapper to 3.4 Feb 27, 2017
package.json Update npm configuations to be able to run npm install Mar 10, 2016 Upgrade to API 26. Sep 7, 2017
repo.keystore Hygiene: use repo keystore for debug, dev, & alpha Aug 14, 2015 Hygiene: use repo keystore for debug, dev, & alpha Aug 14, 2015
settings.gradle Hygiene: remove unused Gradle bits Aug 1, 2017
tox.ini Fix tox.ini to have appropriate config for flake8 Apr 9, 2014

Wikipedia Android app

This repository contains the source code for the official Wikipedia Android app.


All documentation is kept on our wiki. Check it out!