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Welcome to the TagPro-UserscriptLibrary wiki, feel free to contribute to the documentation!


With TPUL, you can add buttons to the game (scoreboard, or top of the page depending on the context). Those buttons could open a config window that you can create using GM_config in just a few lines. For an example, look at 'TagPro Respawn Pizzas'.

Other things TPUL can do is reading/writing all players profile settings, info, and stats; showing notification-, warning- and error- slideups; and it comes with the RollingChat built in (mainly to be able to roll while editing a script's options in the config window).

Get started

To use this library, include these lines in your userscripts' metadata block:

// @require
// @grant        GM_setValue
// @grant        GM_getValue
// @grant        GM_xmlhttpRequest
// @connect

You can now use all TPUL functionality!

Using the @require link above will asure consistency in behaviour/looks accross all scripts using TPUL, as it automatically uses the newest version (I'll provide backward compatibility). In case you really want to stick to a fixed version, take a look at the history to get the version-specific links.

Add a settings panel and button to open it:

tpul.settings.addSettings( {id, title, fields, icon, tooltipText, buttonText} )

This adds a button to the scoreboard (when in-game) or at the top of the page.
The button will open a settings panel with the settings that you'll provide. It is basically a wrapper around GM_config (documentation), a powerfull JS plugin that handles most of the saving/retrieving settings and creating the settings panel.

Look at the example below, and you'll see it is the same as the example on GM_config's documentation, but with a few added tags (title, icon, tooltipText, buttonText)

  • id - is important. Use a unique ID for every settings panel (although you'll probably just use one).

  • icon, tooltipText, and buttonText - see "how to add a button" below...

  • return value - This function returns the GM_config settings object. Use .get('fieldId') to retrieve a setting's value. More info in the GM_config documentation.


            MySettings = tpul.settings.addSettings(
              id: 'MyConfig', // A unique ID for your panel
              fields: // Fields object
                Name: // This is the id of the field
                  label: 'Name', // Appears next to field
                  type: 'text', // Makes this setting a text field
                  default: 'Sizzle McTwizzle' // Default value if user doesn't change it
              title: 'My Userscript',
              icon: '',

Now you can read the 'Name' setting like this


Add a settings button:

tpul.settings.addButton( {onclick, icon, tooltipText, buttonText} )

This creates only creates the button. You'll have to provide an onclick action yourself

  • onclick will be called when the button gets clicked.
    In most cases, you want to provide a function that opens your scripts' settings.

  • icon - This image will be scaled to 64×64, so it is optimal to use that size
    It is recommended to use an image related to your script instead of a general settings icon. You can use a normal image url, or a base64 encoded image.

  • tooltipText - By default this is "Configure this script's settings", it'll be shown on the blue tooltip when hovering over the button.

  • buttonText - This will ONLY be shown when no icon is provided. There isn't much space, I recommend 2-4 characters, but just using an icon is even better.

  • return value - This function returns the newly created button (which you probably don't need)


            tpul.settings.addButton( {
                onclick: function(){ alert('pizzaaa'); },
                icon: '',
                tooltipText: 'Click me to show an alert!',
            } );

Profile settings

TagPro's own settings, that you can edit on your profile. Play around with the tpul.profile object to get an idea of what you can do with it. You can get the player's ID, current settings, reserved name etc.

Update Profile Settings

tpul.profile.setSettings( newSettings )

  • newSettings should be an object like this: { allChat: false, teamChat: true }
    Not all settings are required, the ones you leave out will be unchanged. A list of all settings is below. Global settings are tied to your profile and will work on any PC you log into. Local settings are tied to the browser (cookies). You can treat them the same, TPUL will know what to do.

Global settings:

  • reservedName
  • displayedName
  • allChat
  • teamChat
  • groupChat
  • systemChat
  • tutorialChat
  • names
  • degrees
  • matchState
  • performanceInfo
  • spectatorInfo
  • stats

Local settings:

  • sound
  • music
  • volume
  • textures
  • disableBallSpin
  • tileRespawnWarnings
  • disableTutorialChat < This cookie isn't used anymore afaik
  • disableParticles
  • forceCanvasRenderer
  • disableViewportScaling

Enable Rolling Chat

Set this once: tpul.rollingChat.enabled = true

It's not recommended to set it to false again, as this'll disable it for ALL other scripts using rolling-chat.


Typing documentation is boring. There are more things you can do. Play around with tpul, if you've questions ask me

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