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Aug 7, 2016


This is a fork of FedoraPrime enhanced for all linux distributions.

Offlaod Technologie Testing preview

Please read Offload file for more details.


Seeking for a tools to swicht entirely from default Intel® GPU to the discret Nvidia® graphic card, I discover FedoraPrime.

It comes really useful for my default distro, Fedora, but not so cool for my custom Nvidia® driver install, FedoraPrime is Fedora only with a default driver config.

Thus, I discided to go deeper to solve that particular issue and a few others as well.

  • Choose for a custom driver install
  • Automatically configure xrandr for multi screens (or not)
  • Start Nvidia® GPU instead the default one whatever the end user desktop you choose.

Update message

2019-09-05 - v0.9.20

WARNING: Do a 'sudo make install' this time, too much important things changed and don't forget to make a backup of /etc/nvidia-prime. (with root/admin terminal, do:) mv -f /etc/nvidia-prime /etc/nvidia-prime.bak (to remove safely after controls)


There were many issues with grub config reported. It is hopefully fix and updated now. Please don't forget to report even if you think it's too minor and pointless.


Dev test was running on Fedora 24, since upgraded to Fedora 27 it appears that xrandr on modesettings is broken and dosn't work anymore for discret nvidia.


Finally, the script needed a complete rewrite. For user, basics are still the same, but they work differently than the previous version.

Read Changelog display before install/uninstall/update.

Thanks to the Nvidia Devtalk thread and to nospam_ that giving me the necessary base to understand what changed.

Also added a libraries and xorg config editor.

Library.conf is install by default and checked if configured.

There stil some issue with some session managers, see Known Issues at page bottom.

Hope you'll like those changes and don't forget to send any bug you get. :)


Big mistake in repos upload :s. Forgot to send library.conf with last upgrade. My apologies.


Multi display issue, see


Added options config file, report.sample and some fixes to grub and xrandr sections. See


Default usage :

nvidia-prime-select option


  • intel : use the default GPU
  • nvidia : use the Nvidia® GPU

Before all

In old version it was mandatory to edit library.conf first in case of special Nvidia drivers install. Now you can setup them directly with nvidia-prime-ui before entering you new setup.

Gnome and Cinnamon use a monitors.xml(~/.config/monitors.xml) file to keep your screen config and overide any other setup if it doesn't match the xml file.

Gdm Gnome3 may cause issue in some case. See Issue chapter in bottom ofthe page and send report if you can fix it this way.

nvidia-prime-select comes with a library.conf file to set custom installation directories up (same case if you come from an other distro). If you're in this case, edit it first before launching/installing anything.

Example of my custom driver install in Fedora 23:


Or use the simpliest way and launch nvidia-prime-ui from settings menu.

nvidia-prime-select come also with 2 default xorg configs for Intel® and Nvidia®. Edit them as you wish before or after luanching command (edit function is available in nvidia-prime-ui).


nvidia-prime-select use the same install process as FedoraPrime :

git clone
cd nvidia-prime-select
sudo make install

To update, run :

sudo make update

To uninstall, run :

sudo make uninstall

When done, launch the commandline as admin/superuser or with nvidia-prime-ui as normal user. Then logout and restart your session.

The script will setup your actual xrandr configuration automatically.


  • zenity (updates messages and UI display)


Option "DPI" "96 x 96" is set by default in the xorg.nvidia.conf because xrandr set it at 75 by default. If you have a weaker Nvidia® GPU, it's maybe a good thing to let it at 75 if you want to play some games smoother.

Usually when the Nvidia® GPU starts the screen display some weird black lines at first, if it is, it means that Nvidia® GPU is started.

Known issues

The script has been test on Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic, Cinnamon, LXQT, Kodi (for previous version, lightdm only for new one).

  • The only issue comes with Gnome Classic, desktop crash on final start. I'm not sure it comes from Gnome Classic itself.
  • For Fedora users upgrading from Fedora 23 to 24 using the dnf tools, don't forget to re-enable the service after the first reboot. You have to probably reset your display xrandr config too.
  • Since Fedora 24, rc.nivia schedule time set is not enough to let GDM fully start. Need to extend from 5 to 10 secondes (update 10/08/16).
  • Session restart on gdm (gnome3) may cause result in a blank screen. In previous nvidia-prime-select, this issues was fix by inserting a delay waiting for full gdm start before insert xrandr command line. Try to uncomment 'sleep' function in /etc/nvidia-prime/ and different delay. If it doesn't fix, think to change session manager to lightdm.
  • In some case, xrandr display config (~.config/monitors.xml) could conflict with nvidia-prime-select xrandr auto conf function. First, remove ~.config/monitors.xml, and restart your session. If it doesn't fix, set your display again and disable nvidia-prime.desktop autostart (menu > system > pref > personal > autostart), then restart your session.
  • At session restart login has a strange behaviour and could take 30/40s to display correctly. It maybe a polkit issue, but not sure. Need debug and figure out.
  • Do not hesitate to send issue reports on Github page.