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Change Log

( 2019/09/05 ) v0.9.20

  • add more filter to current config used and readapted xorg config editor for customized xorg.conf.
  • reviewed xrandr config system and fixed it to be lighter.
  • options in xorg file are useless and removed by default because with modesetting they are not reconize by the driver.
  • introducing first modifications for next 'offload' setting. Read inside the script at 'go_offload' function if you want to help.
  • default options conf file nvidia-drm set is by default set to 'none' (looks useless in most cases).
  • WARNING: Do a 'sudo make install' this time and don't forget to make a backup of /etc/nvidia-prime.

( 2019/08/20 ) v0.9.19

  • grub configuration tool updated, finally.
  • many mistakes discovered and fixed. Including on previous update. (dev brain is not so well :s)
  • check and test on my old laptop 610M with update 390.xx driver series, 390.129.
  • HOW-TO : perform a new 'make install' if necessary.
  • Save your libconfig file and custom xorg file if any.
  • Exec 'nvidia-prime-select nvidia' by cmdline or GUI, reboot.
  • if the creepy VGA-0 ghost display come back, don't forget to disable it with xrandr GUI and then restart your session.
  • don't forget to report in github issues section if anything goes wrong.

( 2019/08/03 ) v0.9.18

  • Due to lspci graphic controller name as "3D controller", after a few tests, regex to get bus id list was wrong. Modified for a more appropriate.
  • please, test and report.

( 2019/08/02 ) v0.9.17

  • As reported, new nvidia discret card bus ID has changed. Script wasn't prevent those kind of changes. This is hopefuly fixed.
  • Modified code is a bit ugly, please report on any issue.

( 2019/07/28 ) v0.9.16

  • Efi grub mkconfig test, please report.

( 2019/03/6 ) v0.9.15

  • fixed bad bracket in conditioal form (line 157).

( 2019/03/4 ) v0.9.14

  • info: My laptop is too old now and it's no more support by nvidia drivers. I can't no longer test on it.
  • message: I've severe health issues and don't know if I'll can still continue to maintain my projects. Fork is strongly recommand.
  • thanks to ekultails and joeg1484 to wake me up.
  • Add fix for EFI boot (unted on hardware, need probably improvement).
  • remove set -e env set, too strict.

( 2018/10/29 ) v0.9.13

  • fix to display changelog message regardless zenity dependency installed.

( 2018/06/27 ) v0.9.12

  • Makefile: changed 'sh' to 'bash' prefix in command line on user clever comment.

( 2018/04/24 ) v0.9.11

  • Add a options config file editable by nvidia-prime-ui because some users seems to have big trouble with grub config. Options file default sample is send with comment.
  • options are :
  • delay: allow to add a user's session delay before launching xrandr command (default 5).
  • intel_nodelay: start intel user's session without the configured delay (intel usually doesn't need it).
  • cfg_grub: enable/disable check and config (default 1).
  • cfg_modeset: enable/disable modeset config (if cfg_grub is set to 1) (default 1).
  • nv_modeset: set nvidia modeset (grub section) to set (1) or unset (0) (default 1).
  • font_style: nvidia-prime-ui brighness (dark/bright background.) (default 0)
  • Rewrote grub config section to be more intuitive. It separatly add modeset and 'nouveau' blacklist. Modeset could be change to 0 or 1 thruough options config file (default is 1).
  • Review xrandr auto config section to add offline displays at session manager start when nvidia option is set.
  • Add a report.sample in markdown to fill in issue reports.

( 2018/04/22 ) v0.9.10

  • Nvidia-prime-select was untested on multi display. It appeared that actual xrandr detection and sets failed, also was needed more delay before lauching because of xramdr monitors.xml file sets conflict.
  • Above is fixed (hopefully), there's still a strange wallpaper behaviour diplayed in double on my laptop desktop. Please, report if you have the same issue.
  • Just realize, I forgot to update /etc/modprobe.d to blacklist nouveau driver. Fixed (thanks to Tim).
  • Note: laptop is not my default machine, and I can't figure out all possible issues by my self, or wait, like it actually the case, my PC's mother board to die to discover them.

( 2018/04/13 ) v0.9.9

  • Importante change done. Look's more like a complete rewrite.
  • NEW USER: nothing special, just type as superuser or admin : (sudo) make install.
  • uninstall previous version first: (sudo) make unisntall.
  • then reinstall as usualy: (sudo) make install.
  • BOTH:
  • If your display settings are not done, do it first with your desktop display tool.
  • execute nvidia-prime-select UI and select your display card.
  • or by command line: nvidia-prime-select 'your_option'.
  • Restart your session.
  • An issue makes that session manager could take 30s to display correctly password field.
  • You could also just reboot.
  • After reboot/restart you may reconfigure your display setting and check if the xorg.conf fit your needs.
  • Session restart on gdm (gnome3) may cause result in a blank screen. In previous nvidia-prime-select, this issue was fix by inserting a delay waiting for full gdm start before insert xrandr command line. Try to uncomment 'sleep' function in /etc/nvidia-prime/ and different delay. If it doesn't fix, think to change session manager to lightdm.
  • In some case, xrandr display config (~.config/monitors.xml) could conflict with nvidia-prime-select xrandr auto conf function. First, remove ~.config/monitors.xml, and restart your session. If it doesn't fix, set your display again and disable nvidia-prime.desktop autostart (menu > system > pref > personal > autostart), then restart your session.
  • At session restart login has a strange behaviour and could take 30/40s to display correctly. It maybe a polkit issue, but nt sure.
  • Do not hesitate to send issue reports on Github page.
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