An amazing list of Haskell developers who would like to mentor beginner-contributors in open source projects.
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Awesome list of Haskell mentors

Haskell mentors

To experienced Haskell developers

Some developers have an open projects and

  • look for a team to develop,
  • or have many tasks and not enough hands,
  • or suppose "one head is good, but two are better",
  • or will to share their knowledge,
  • or consider Haskell a worthy language for others.

Why not become a mentor for beginners? Feel free to PR!

To (not only) beginner Haskell developers

Some developers learn Haskell and feel:

  • the basics of the language are mastered,
  • the tasks for CodeWars do not benefit the world,
  • the ivory tower has grown too much.

Real development is not so unassailable, it helps people. That is important! Why not become a contributor of open source project?

Open Source Haskell Mentors

Contributor/Mentor Name PR Mentorship Focus area Contact
Kowainik For newbies there are Relude, Tomland and Summoner. Other ones coming soon.
Alexander Granin Zork like game hinteractive vk, telegram or
Andrey Mokhov Algebraic graphs and GHC build system twitter
Vladislav Zavialov Structural code editor and a layouting engine twitter, telegram
Murat Kasimov Separated data structures and observable patterns telegram
Yuriy Syrovetskiy Distributed format/framework/database RON and task manager ff telegram