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AGPL built with nix Matrix Harmeless Code of Conduct

Emanote emanates1 a structured view of your plain-text notes.

Create beautiful websites -- such as personal webpage, blog, wiki, Zettelkasten, notebook, knowledge-base, documentation, etc. from future-proof plain-text notes and arbitrary data -- with live preview that updates in real-time.

Emanote is spiritual successor to neuron based on Ema.

Installing and using



Emanote is a Haskell software.2 Thanks to Nix, this repository is pre-configured to provide a delightful development experience with full IDE support in Visual Studio Code.

See for complete instructions, but the tldr is: Install nix, enable Flakes and run bin/run.

See for a high-level overview of the codebase.

PR contribution guidelines

Run nix build .#check -L when opening a PR.


To discuss the emanote project, join Matrix or post in GitHub Discussions.


  1. emanate: (of something abstract but perceptible) issue or spread out from (a source)

  2. Emanote uses software and resources that are licensed differently, viz.: